The ISLAND RADIO is a new internet radio station and can be accessed via its website  The presenters are all volunteer and present their own speciality shows and all music taste’s are catered for, from Salsa to Punk, Rock to Blues, Soul to Rock and Roll, Jazz to Choir and even some Rap, all coming from the Sandown studio’s 24/7. The station wants to be a part of the Island’s rich history of music and to help publicise and promote local musicians and venue’s and to be the one stop outlet for local music news. We are very focused on everything Island and hope the local community can rally round with us to promote all that is good on our Island, so email for Free advertising of your gigs/events.

The website includes a local gig guide, which can be accessed via mobile phone or tablet and we hope to have an up to date guide for all music happening on the Isle of Wight, so email for Free advertising of your gigs/events.  We also want to cover stories of what’s happening in the local music scene, so we would like all venues and musicians to contact us with any news relating to the artists/bands and we will carry it on our website. The whole aim of the station is to put Isle of Wight music on the world wide stage and to encourage visitors to come to the Island and sample our rich, varied and excellent local musicians. We will have a special Island music show, which will not only play local bands music, but will also interview the bands live on air. We would also like to receive any promotional recordings you have to add to our local music library, so we can play your music to the world.

So if you are a publican, promoter or musician please email us your gig bookings and events and we will publicise it for FREE, simply email

And if you would like to join this new and exciting radio station, drop us an email and let us know what type of show and music you would like to play and we will see what we can do for you.