Clive Lewis

Hi there, my name is Clive Lewis and  I actually attended the 1969 and 1970 Festivals, though even I was too young for the 1968 one!! I have been wanting to get back into Radio for a few years now, having been involved in the days of mid 70’s pirate Radio on the Island. I was also a DJ at The Prince Consort, Babaloo, Carousel and the Clarenden.  Radio Cathy roadshow was my mobile disco, from which I progressed to playing in Bands, to name a few High Voltage, Black Dog, Legislators and Hunter. I also did some promoting with mainly local bands, but brought the Damned to Warners Puckpool as they rode high in the charts with New Rose. All of this took place back in the heady days of the 70/80’s, so now I can sit back and call on a life time of music to hopefully bring back some memories or bring you something new.

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