Essential Hover Only Saves Lives

Message from Neil Chapman, Managing Director

Dear Community,

Firstly I must thank all of our customers who are staying at home and not travelling with us – we are sincerely grateful to you and I know that we can come through this by working together. For now, however, please remember essential hover only!

By co-operating with our fellow ferry firms we are keeping the supply routes open and transporting key workers through a limited but critical community service.  We ask for your patience during this challenging time as we are adopting a first come, first served policy until further notice. This policy also applies to bicycles which we carry free of charge, although we are limited in numbers by our available storage space.

Extra services, on an ad hoc basis and at the discretion of our Duty Managers, can be added to our Essential Lifeline Timetable and over the last week we have operated several of these additional flights. This flexibility also allows us to provide our full support to the NHS and to continue to give priority to patients, which I am sure you will understand.

As you will appreciate, we are applying the social distancing guidelines to our passengers through the terminals, during boarding and disembarking after the 10 minute journey.  Again, we would ask for your patience and co-operation with this process, as we will always endeavour to board you as safely as possible.

We are in regular communication with the authorities to ensure we follow the government guidelines at all times and as and when any changes to our operation are allowed I will contact you immediately.

Finally, thank you to everyone who voted for our colleague, Lorry Middleton, who was named Visit England’s Tourism Superstar 2020 on Saturday. All of us appreciate the support you have shown us, especially at the moment, and we are proud to have Lorry on our team.

Don’t forget, essential Hover only!

Stay home and stay well.

Neil Chapman

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