Kiki And The Leporids

By Thomas Coleman

About the BookKiki and the Lepris is a childrens’ and adult fantasy book about the story of a young baby found in the woods saved by the Lepris, a race of Leprechauns who live below the Hollow basin under a great oak tree under the beautiful valleys of Mourne. His adopted mother, Grace, brings the young overlander up with the help of the villagers. His adventures and trials are truly great as he grows and learns the ways of the Lepris. He has attracted the attention of Kathugra, queen of all witches, who is determined to rid Torla, his village home, of the human child. As the young Kiki grows, he learns the signs of the forest and how to talk with all the creatures. He comes to the attention of a shaman who takes him under his wings and teaches him the ways of the Lepris.                                  Kaltor the shaman teaches the child to survive and create potions. Yet, the evil Kathugra and her four daughters set out on a mission to destroy the human child. 
 About the AuthorThomas Coleman is one of seven brothers and two sisters. Born in Dublin, Southern Ireland, he is father to four sons, Kieran, James, Todd and Joseph. Married to Margaret, he loves writing fantasy books, Celtacia being his first. Kiki and the Lepris is a children’s fantasy adventure set in an enchanting mysterious world, being first of trilogy Neva the Fairy Princess; the third being, The Last Unicorn.For more information, please visit

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