Raj Patel

Hi there, Raj Patel is my name and I’m a businessman from Sandown,  Isle of Wight. I have always been fond of Bollywood music which helps me to relax after a busy day at work.. Have always played music for my guest’s at my hotel which I always enjoyed doing.

My wife is also a keen Sitar player and she also has a good vocal voice too, which I hear often(Bless her). We always catered for Asian groups music tastes, when they used to stay in our hotel

The Asian population is growing on the Island and also the interest in Bollywood in general is also growing very quickly. The Island Radio is world wide for all to listen and its a first ever Bollywood show on an Isle of Wight radio station.  Come and listen to my show Thursday afternoons between 4-7pm and enjoy my music.

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