Rally Round Here To Help

Rally Round is a FREE online network service with helpful features that makes it easy to
arrange help either for yourself or for someone you care about.  Invite trusted friends, family or carers to join your network then add anything that needs doing to the ‘To Do List’. Everyone takes a
look and can volunteer to help.  Your network members can also set up text and email notifications to keep everyone in the loop, so nothing
is left undone. There is also a noticeboard where you can share information such as important dates
or a list of favourite foods.

Getting started is easy
You can ask a friend or family member to sign-up for you, or just go online at www.rallyroundme.com/iow and sign-up yourself.

Set up your network in four simple steps…

1: Invite friends and family to join your support network and help out…

2: Everyone in the support network, including you can add tasks that need doing…

3: Create a support network for yourself or someone who needs help at www.rallyroundme/iow

4: Everyone looks at what needs doing and volunteers to help out…

If you need any help just use the online chat button to contact the Rally Round team.

Or if you would like some help to get started, contact Citizens Advice Isle of Wight: Tel: 01938 823898 / 09.30 – 15.30 Mondays – Friday (excluding bank holidays)

It’s easy and free, just go to www.rallyroundme.com/iow

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