Rendezvous On The Isle of Wight Tracks Available To Purchase

Rendezvous consisted of 2 members, Tim Prouten who handled Lead vocals and all of the guitar parts and Cassie drummer Hugh Kim Lewis. All songs were co-written by them both. They used a four track Teac Porta-Studio to write and record their material. Rod Gammons the famous producer heard a demo and asked the Lads to participate in the ‘Feet on the Street’ project of 1984, ‘Decisions In Love’ and ‘Don’t Give Up’ were subsequently re-recorded at Rod’s Sound studio in Brighstone on the Isle of Wight in late 1983. ‘Decisions in love’ was considered the strongest & most commercial track and was chosen for inclusion on the album. After much critical success from the press following the release of the album in 1984,Dakota Records expressed interest in the Song but sadly nothing materialised!! A bass player and keyboardist were recruited and the band rehearsed extensively with a view to writing more songs and getting out and playing live. This period was however short lived and they split up citing musical differences. Tim & Hugh got back together in late 1985 to write again and ‘Hollywood’ & ’Tell me you love me’ came from those sessions using the porta-studio. In 1986 ‘Forgetting about the pain’ and ‘Don’t Say It On The Phone’ were recorded at Paul And Pete’s 8 Track studio in Ryde on the the Isle Of Wight. Hugh and Tim moved on to other things around January 1987 and never officially ‘Split Up’ Sadly they never played live and only Six songs exist.

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