The Secret Widget Fest Update

A view from Clive Lewis

Well the weekend of the 7/8/9th September was a real experience. Sue and I arrived on the Thursday afternoon to a fantastic festival venue, the site was isolated, surrounded by trees and was acres of perfectly mowed green grass. A fantastic old barn conversion was the central clubhouse and the two super stages sat either side of it.

The atmosphere from that moment to when we left midday on the Monday backstage, on stage and out front, was one of calmness, enjoyment and a very real ‘all in a family’ experience. Everything was in place, organised and operated so very smoothly, with all the staff so helpful, the bands from top to bottom so professional and the crowd so keen and knowledgeable.

Both paying visitors and the band members all had nothing but good things to say about this festival and every band I spoke to was saying they would love to play again next year and the public was also very keen to return next year, clearly the right foundations have been laid for something far bigger and greater to happen in the near future.

Both Mr & Mrs Kenny Jones (Who own Hurtwood Polo Club) who were on site working all weekend, have invited the festival back next year, which is going to happen on the 30th August to the 1st September 2019.

If you missed this stunning festival this year, please, please, please don’t make the same mistake again next year. Put these dates in your diary NOW and if you visit the website over the next couple of weeks there are going to be some fantastic early ticket offers, but keep it under your hat its our Secret!!!!

Big thanks and pats on backs have to go to the promoters team of Keith Burchett, Mike Sands and Barry Cogger for not only moving this festival from Calbourne Water Mill on the Isle of Wight to Hurtwood at very short notice, but to then put on the best organised festival I have ever attended. The team of managers and helpers is to huge to print here, but I know the promoters would have been left with a mountain to climb without them.

On a personal level I would like to say a huge thank you to Keith and Mary, Mike, Richard and Paul for all your personal help, support and kind words, it made Sue and My festival, cheers guys.

I’ve been asked to compere again next year and that date is firmly in my diary now and nothing will move it, that’s for sure. Also given the opportunity to cut her compere teeth was our own Tina Hyde (after the professional compere left over night) who also took her opportunity with both hands and had a great time and did a wonderful job.

So if there is anybody out there looking for a festival compere, then please drop me a line, just as long as it’s not on the 30th August to 1st September, as you know where I will be, don’t you.


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