The Secret Widget Fest – Urgent Information Regarding Relocation

There is no easy way to relay this information, but we are having to relocate the Secret Widget Festival due to a variety of circumstances beyond our control.

First and foremost, we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that this move may cause you and understand that you will have questions for our team. By far the quickest and most effective way to do this is to email Festival Co-Director, Mike Sands, at

By far the main reason, for making this decision so late on, is an unexpected setback for the main man behind the festival, Keith Burchett. This August, Keith must have another major operation in his fight against prostate cancer and his mobility during this time will be heavily restricted. Travelling to and from the island, over the crucial next 11 weeks, for site meetings, interviews, the build-up and even to the festival itself, is not going to be possible.

Another major deciding factor is the many comments we have had, regarding the high cost in getting to and from the island for this event. Despite the offers put forward from the ferry companies, the price has proven to be a much larger deterrent than we had originally anticipated. It affects the artists, the staff, the volunteers and above all, customers wishing to come to the festival from the mainland. “The ferry ticket alone costs more than the 3-day festival ticket to see all these amazing bands “, one disappointed fan told us”

In consideration of all the facts and to ensure that Keith does not miss his own festival, it has been decided after considerable debate, by our senior event management team, that we would keep the same weekend but relocate closer to Keith’s home.

The Festival will retain the same name with a logo change, some of the band timings will change slightly in line with the licence requirements and some minor cosmetic changes and new sponsorship

The new details for the Secret Widget Fest 2018 are as follows: 

New Venue:      HURTWOOD PARK POLO CLUB (by kind permission of Kenney and Jayne Jones)


Address:           Hurtwood Park Polo Country Club, Horsham Lane, Ewhurst Green, Surrey, GU6 7SW

Helicopters:      Helicopter GPS: N51.08.53 W00.25.85

Google Map:

We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation

The Secret Widget Fest Management Team

Keith Burchett, Mike Sands, Barry Cogger, Vanessa Lynton, Jackie Lynton, Sheila Hastings-Rose, Lance McCarthy and Tim Gollop

Mike Sands

Festival Co Director

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