This is What Can Happen

This is what can happen when your songs get played on the ‘Wight’s Got Talent’, so send in your music, new or old and who knows!!! This album was 10 years old, but hearing it now generates new interest.
Reggie Balmoral says ”Top Banana Clive… Dunno what you’re doing but its working… I’m getting people contacting me wanting to buy my CDs…. Same again last night….
Keep up the good work….”
And its not only the chance of some sales, but you never know who’s listening. We have 12 record labels and artist management companies who follow us on twitter, but do they listen in on a Wednesday??? Its free to you to get your old or new music played to the world, so why take the chance to not be heard. And remember its not only the music, but the style of vocal or playing that someone may be looking for.
Email your songs to and include a brief history of the lineup, how long you’ve been playing etc. and leave the rest to us.
And remember to tune in on a Wednesday night 7-10pm and support your fellow musicians and spread the word to family and friends, and between us we can help to put Island music out there, cheers

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